Referral Form

Pro Benefactor Group Chat

This form is for recommending themselves or others (who are Creditors/Benefactors of Kenneth Kam) who wants to be in the ‘Pro Benefactor Group (PBG) Chat’ 

The information will be vetted by Kenneth to confirm that they are his Benefactors, and thereafter Chat Admins will approve & add them to the Group Chat. 

Approval by Admin is based on these criteria ... 

1) Must be a Benefactor or Creditor of Kenneth Kam 
2) Must be Pro, not Negative or not Anti Kenneth Kam 
3) Must not duplicate or use the information from the PBG chat for others who are not PBG members (legal binding) 
4) Must follow Chat Rules (as it evolves)

*1. Kindly state the Name & Whatsapp Mobile Number of your referrals for our verification. Fields marked (*) is mandatory. 
Thank you.

Note: Only one referral per form, kindly fill another form for next referral thank you.
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