“There is much more to agriculture and farmers than the startup ecosystem understands at this time.”

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This can be a part that is second of three part interview with Shailendra Tiwari, founder of Fasal, an Ag-tech (agriculture technology) startup that is focused on building AI and IOT (Internet-of-things) based SAAS methods to deal with the woes of Indian horticulture farmers. Fasal’s main aims are to improve and improve the quality associated with yield and reduced input costs for the farmer. It really is currently implemented in farms across Karnataka, Maharashtra and Chattisgarh.

In this meeting, Shailendra provides an internal view of agricultural tech in India, just how Fasal is trying to disrupt the area and exactly why agri-tech stagnating has more than just a little related to it involving the sweltering heat in Karimnagar instead of the air-conditioned cabins in Koramangala. (more…)