Just how can We Discover Love, In the right time of Tinder?

It’s the of Valentine’s Day week.

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Urvaksh, a 30-something banker, really loves plaid, almond dating a swiss girl milk lattes and artisanal alcohol. Like the majority of quintessential gay guys that i am aware, Urvaksh is looking for ‘sweep-me-off-my-feet’ love – the kind you get in dog-eared love novels and primetime soaps. But because is the actual situation with quintessential homosexual males, Urvaksh normally ‘hopelessly’ single. A status that stings much more in this week that is painful instantly, Netflix seems lonely, and club discounts (two for the cost of one) seem too taxing to complete.

But Urvaksh is not anyone to stop trying. He takes ‘finding love’ very seriously – a trait that’s equally heartbreaking and heartwarming in homosexual males all over nation.

To advance his cause to find love, Urvaksh is out on an innovative new date every week (during sleep with thrice the sheer number of individuals in identical time) – and falls in love every fortnight. (more…)