Cunt's game play is comparable to Atari's Tempest (1980) as well as is apparently affected by Digital Eel's Dr. Blob's Organism (2003)

Players control a penis that orbits an anthropomorphic vagina. The thing of this game is always to beat the vagina by firing semen at it, and after that play continues having a vagina that is different its destination. [1] The penis is relocated left and appropriate by the gamer, orbiting round the vagina a complete 360 levels. [2] During have fun with the area for the vagina creates diseases that are sexually-transmitted parasites such as for example pubic lice from pustules; these can be damaged while still in pustule kind or because of the player as soon as hatched and mobile. [1] Diseases move towards your penis and attack when they collide along with it. Players can be rid among these "bugs" by going the mouse forward and backward to shake them down. [3] Players can get energy ups such as for example penis-enlarging pills and liquids that offers them rapid-fire abilities. [1]


McMillen described the overall game as "a joke that is tasteless being separate means you possibly can make or do just about anything without getting censored." [4] He compared the way in which he delivered Coil and Cunt, saying that there surely is two techniques to present a disagreement: "the way that is 1st the difficult way, explaining your view in depth to have your point across, the next way is always to simply punch whoever you are arguing with when you look at the face. Cunt is unquestionably a punch when you look at the face, but does making it any less significant?" [5] He stated these were both equal ways of expressing some ideas. [5]

Norwegian composer John Erik Kaada supplied Care from their first record album many thanks for Offering me personally Your time that is valuable for game's sound recording. Kaada had previously provided one of his music songs for Coil, A himsl that is previous and collaboration. McMillen ended up being amazed that Kaada consented to provide music for Cunt, despite being ready to give a track for Coil. [6]


Cunt elicited outcry from feminist video gaming blogs, [7] and Kotaku's Maggie Greene described the overall game as "a fairly graphic representation of an anxiety about women that extends back a tremendously, long time". [8] "Brinstar", a residential district supervisor when you look at the game industry, described the video game as "superficial and boring" [9] in her own weblog Acid for bloodstream. She included "Cunt is a violent and extreme manifestation of an irrational male fear of and revulsion towards females and ladies' systems". [9] "Mighty Ponygirl", a poster during the web log Feminist Gamers, claimed the vulva that is titular "for all your globe such as for instance a wizened creature from the H.R. Giger convalescent house for aging genital monsters". [10] Both bloggers claimed that other games they regarded as misogynistic tended to be efforts that are amateur but had been worried as a result of the supporting the overall game received from Newgrounds and McMillen's profile within the video video gaming community. [9] [10]

Other game journalists had been more light-hearted about the game's content. Alec Meer described Cunt as "worth seeing for the audacity alone". [11] Independent game designer Derek Yu joked " this video game represents a tremendously real danger by “electronic cyber-terrorists” to destroy the US values you own so dear, before they take it away from you" so you should probably play it. [12] Santa Cruz newsprint happy times' reporter Anna Merlan reported that McMillen had been bemused because of the feminist video gaming community's response. [7] She noted that a lady in the next dining table suddenly left the area when McMillen offered a "vivid explanation" [7] of Cunt into the Santa Cruz coffee shop where she had been performing a job interview with him. [7] McMillen reported in a subsequent meeting "then kudos to them for wanting to fight for something they feel passionately Social Media dating site about if people want to use it as an example of misogyny in games. I understand exactly exactly what my motives had been whenever it was made by me, and I’m happy I did it." [4]