School Equivalency (HSE). In New York condition, you'll find four trails to an excellent Faculty Equivalency diploma.

Here happens to be details on each route.

If you should be attempt an identical backup of a top Faculty Equivalency diploma or record caused by the TASC ™ , GED, institution assets, Regents/HSE Exam path, or NEDP (after 2016), please go through the TASC ™ walkway star and browse to the ways and instructions point.

24 College Credits



COVID-19 Senior High School Equivalency (HSE) Waiver Diploma Options Finishing June 30, 2021

Direction is shared with all xxx preparatory tools concerning coming close of HSE COVID-19 waiver diploma alternative.

In regards to the Regents-HSE path, the exemption from getting a minimum of one HSE Exam subtest (even in the event all Regents credits required for a HSE degree happen achieved) in addition runs out on June 30, 2021.

On-Line practise for New TASC taste Center Coordinators and Examiners are contain Summer

The NYSED twelfth grade Equivalency (HSE) company are going to be performing an online direction and training session for latest experience core Coordinators and Examiners on Wednesday, June 23, 2021, 9 a.m. - 1 p.m. candidates should send this Pre-registration Form. You need to in addition distribute the needed Staff Application Form and continue, as outlined at: TASC experience core Coordinators and Examiners. Coordinators and Examiners should approved. If approved, the URL to view it can be e-mailed into customer, on or before, the wednesday before the exercise. Queries to Many thanks.

Taste Locations Which Enjoy Compensation for Giving TASC Exams Should Distribute Coupons

TASC Test locations which obtain compensation for giving TASC subtests in NYSED allow, funds for people school Equivalency (HSE) sample government, should send any great coupons for 2020 without delay.

Please watch NYS Standard Voucher type – AC92 - with training

If further space is required, make sure you understand AC93 continuation type

HSE/TASC™ test Center payment type for Downstate - Test clinics with appropriate areas, Bronx, leaders, nyc, queen, Richmond and Nassau, Suffolk, Westchester, Putnam and Rockland.

HSE/TASC™ examining middle compensation type for Upstate - experience locations, such as all counties rather than those listed above.


If appropriate, validation for rooms reimbursement are stated should always be added to the packet sent to the HSE company. Rooms affirmation emails are printed from your examinee’s profile from the DRC site.

Should you have inquiries about lightweight collection assessment during COVID-19, or other voucher associated questions, you need to get in touch with the HSE Office at Thanks a ton.

COVID-19 Reopening Advice for TASC Try Facilities

The Governor’s NY FORTH Directives Guide the Phased Re-Opening of work in NYS

The NYSED senior high school Equivalency company is definitely after all county and community division of Health Information concerning COVID-19, like methodologies for regional phased-in re-opening put in place by the Governor. Under this processes, qualification for reopening will likely be dependent on health metrics each domain, as administered by Regional Management Rooms.

TASC sample clinics should check with the company's adult communities as well as county and Local Department of medical assistance regarding territorial phased-in reopening in addition to safe practices modifications that could be necessary to apply upon re-opening.

Help and advice you can find with the New York status Website

Guidance on Regents-HSE Path during COVID-19

Satisfy involve all of the following guidance on Regents-HSE route during COVID-19 which provides information and talks about the method for posting R software that observe table of Regents regulating variations.

Revealing College Student Information for TASC Subtest Exemptions during COVID-19

The NYSED Board of Regents posses embraced several regulating modifications to handle informative problems during COVID-19. To find out more, make sure you look at the senior school Equivalency (HSE) advice.

One regulating alter covers people who were looking to simply take (deleted) TASC sub-tests and exemptions from TASC evaluation during COVID-19 if the subsequent requirement are actually fulfilled:

Signed up for an approved choice university Equivalency (HSE) cooking program or an adult studies prep system; and

Previously obtained and passed away a combination of at the least three Regents exams and/or appropriate TASC or GED topic sub-tests; and

For that staying two sub-tests, each student achieves a moving quality inside related preparing course training.