You work to nurture them with well-conceived, well-designed, well-presented courses and programs.

Assisting you to deliver in your online vow

With online learning, we have all an objective. Learners have to enhance and develop. Our goal — being a non-profit, quality assurance organization — is to supply a system to help you deliver on that vow with review, improvement and certification of quality.


Over 1000 studies sorted, sifted, scrutinized.

Solid research is the foundation — and catalyst for improvement — of the QM Quality Assurance process.


Understand, share, connect.

QM Conferences and resources give you use of the community that is QM roughly 100,000 strong, with over 1,450 member institutions in america and internationally.


The gold standard for courses, programs and much more.

From general to specific, QM offers a pathway for benchmarking quality. Objectively. Repeatedly. Predictably.

QA & Peer Review

Robust, objective, expert input.

With 8,000 certified reviewers, our system that is exclusive puts on course to achieve quality assurance goals and improve student accomplishment.

Professional Development

Get in level and optimize QM.

Strengthen workshops and resources to your expertise centered on improving quality. Broaden your expertise with courses for QM Roles.

We all know you've been making a difference for pupils! Get recognized for your QM achievements with course improvements, meeting QM Standards, serving on review teams, championing quality assurance at your institution, college or district, and more. Nominate your self, your group or a QM champ you know for a QM Making a huge difference for pupils Award. Deadline for nominations is May 15.

Get yourself started the trail of Continuous enhancement

Phone for Presentation Proposals

"L king Forward. Transforming Now." may be the theme for the QM meeting on online quality assurance occurring online this November. Show the QM community the manner in which you are transforming your quality assurance efforts at every known level, from management to frontline faculty. Review the concentrations, format choices and evaluation criteria — prepare your proposal then for distribution. Final due date is might 26, 2021.

Find Out if QM is Right for You

If you’ve been l king for solutions to help make certain that learners are engaging with top-quality courses, QM has them. Through course improvement, professional development and robust review processes, QM empowers you to definitely deliver on the vow of online learning.

What is a QM-Certified Course?

A QM-Certified Course is an on-line or blended course that has met QM guidelines for the QM Rubric in a formal Course Review. When certified, organizations can show the QM Certification Mark to demonstrate their commitment to quality and improvement that is continuous.

See QM Membership Benefits

Whether you might be part of an organizational membership or have finalized up individually, ensure you are making the most of exactly what QM has to offer. If you should be not really a user yet, see the choices and commence saving on development that is professional Official Course Reviews and more.

Learn About QM Rubric Standards

QM’s five Rubrics are made up of General and Specific Review Standards, making it possible for complete course review. The requirements are based and research-supported on published guidelines. QM Rubrics can be an essential part of producing, certifying and maintaining quality program design.

2020 Community in Review Report

This report celebrates YOU! the way you rose towards the challenges presented by COVID. The method that you prepared, persisted and pivoted. We’re recognizing your unwavering dedication to quality learning, even in the face of personal studies, and exactly how you used the various t ls and resources available to assist those a new comer to electronic distribution.

A Story is told by every implementation

“I loved participating in the QM Colleague Program…it helps to talk to anyone who has been through the procedure and understands what realy works.”

Diane Pisacreta from Saint Louis Community University, Professor

“Having our online programs Quality Matters certified will distinguish them available on the market where students have actually so many alternatives these days."

Garvey Pyke from UNC Charlotte, Director of this Center for Teaching and Learning

"Since participating in the QM K-12 Reviewer Course, i've a far greater grasp of the rubric, including a much deeper understanding of each standard and any matching annotation."

Anthony White from Kodiak Island Borough Class District, Statewide Virtual Information and STEM Program C rdinator

"It is definitely refreshing to wait a QM Conference. The passion and collaboration believed is contagious in an effective way."

Maria Fernandez from California State University, Los Angeles

See QM at These Occasions

Deb Adair, QM's Executive Director is going to be playing a panel titled "Future-Pr fing the Credentialing Ecosystem Bringing Microcredentials Into the Fold" with Paul Mazerolle, president and vice-chancellor, UNB; Joanne Duklas, Duklas Cornerstone Consulting; and David Leaser, Senior Program Executive of Innovation and Growth Initiatives, IBM. The panel are held 12 15 - 1 15 PM eastern time, May 27.

This panel shall explore the main topic of microcredentialing from a selection of diverse views to shine a light on where we are and where we must go to mainstream microcredentials

1-3, 2021 Online AAOU 2021 Conference, hosted by Open University in Sri Lanka Yaping Gao, QM 's Senior Academic Director will be a panelist for the ICDE workshop contributing to this conference june. The workshop is titled Quality assurance of available, flexible and distance education – a perspective that is global that will be delivered by four panelists from Arab region, Asia, European countries and united states (represented by QM).

June 7-10, 2021, INQAAHE Conference 2021 Re-Imagining of greater Education Quality in a day and time of Uncertainty, hosted by Glasgow Caledonian University, British

Deb Adair, QM's Executive Director; Yaping Gao, QM 's Senior Academic Director; and Fernando Senior, QM International Representative to Latin America and Caribbean Region are going to be presenting

Presentation 1 "Build & Maintain Trust in Online/Digital Learning by Aligning Resources to guide and Ensure Quality at Institutional, Program and Course Levels"

Presentation 2 "Quality Online/Digital Learning Ensure Academic Integrity through Authentic Assessments and Student Engagement"

Fernando Senior is going to be presenting "From Imagination to Implementation Five Lessons from Latin America."