A former member of David Dobrik's Vlog Squad says he was sexually assaulted during a video shoot

In another of David Dobrik's videos on YouTube from June 2017, Dobrik, a tremendous internet movie star with 18 million enthusiasts, conveys to Seth Francois that he is likely to be kissed by-fellow influencer and style Corinna Kopf. But since video clip's name "the guy THOUGHT HE HAD BEEN KISSING HER!! (AWESOME CRINGEY)" ideas, someone for the disguise was really Jason Nash a€” a 45-year-old comedian and Dobrik's right-hand husband. The training video continues considered around 10 million hours, and yearly eventually, Dobrik drawn an identical prank on Francoise including Nash.

On February 12, Francois, who had been formerly in Dobrik's Vlog Squad developer staff, labeled as to the H3 podcast, which happens to be published by Ethan and Hila Klein, to share concerning the video. The guy expressed what went down the first time as sex-related harm, and stated that he had been traumatized because enjoy.

The interview rocked the world-wide-web and directed a lot of Dobrik's fans to find the nuisance in the latest light. Also port url's Jerky, a meat jerky brand whose treatments had been identified for the video clip, taken care of immediately clear up they had certainly not paid the vlog, and "do certainly not withstand or condone any non-consensual actions like for example how it happened in this video clip."

In a job interview with Insider, Francois reviewed his own investment to dicuss outside.

Agents for Nash and Dobrik couldn't answer to requests for review and also have yet to point any open public assertion on Francois' complaints.

Seth Francois spoke aside after another previous Vlog team affiliate described the group as 'toxic'

Francois instructed Insider in interviews on February 15 that he is of two mind before choosing in to the future forth along with his event.

On the one hand, he states he had been very traumatized he wasn't certain they would like to bring even more focus to they. He stated they decided his own maleness would be removed from him, and he's needed to reconstruct and redefine himself again since.

"I'm just education my head to just get strong enough to only including completely triumph over they," he claimed. "it had not been my favorite failing. I did not subscribe to they. I didn't ask for that to occur to me. Also it performed. But that is something that I just truly should tolerate."

But Francois in addition experience motivated to share with his or her history.

He kept the Vlog group in website for sugar daddies Indianapolis IN 2019, nonetheless it had not been up until the summer time of 2020 they did start to reflect on why.

Francois chatted to Insider in August about a video he introduced in June wherein the guy said this individual were going to grab accountability for his or her participation in Dobrik's vlogs, which included a number of racist jokes and skits.

Francois explained he'd gone through several picture because the death of George Floyd as well dark resides point fluctuations, and began to see he'd become enjoying a "token" black color dude in lots of Dobrik's videos. They claimed to be capable to see on his own within the echo, and free yourself of themselves from the guilt for bringing about the pain triggered towards their area, he had to state one thing.

Ever since then, Francois continues on a trip to put it-all behind him, but he nonetheless could not forget about something different about he had been handled during Dobrik's folks.

After another original Vlog team associate, Nik "BigNik" Keswani, characterized his own amount of time in the Vlog Squad as "harmful" and "like a religion," Francois decided to come forward openly proclaiming that he previouslyn't furnished his or her consent for Nash to touch your.

Francois taught Insider the man started initially to watch "prank" as some thing much dangerous about 2 yrs in the past, and came to the conclusion it was "weird and strange."

"we begun witnessing how David and Jason happened to be chatting with me personally and attempting to keep her length," he or she believed. "as soon as begin planning on the game much more violent than a nuisance, it begin assisting me take into account that they can be hidden from myself given that they cannot experience the community recognize the major secret within your Vlog team is probably your erotic mistreatment."