Enrollment of lenders and loan that is peer-to-peer. Regional State Administrative Agencies maintain a registry of credit carriers and loan that is peer-to-peer.

Loan suppliers and loan that is peer-to-peer must distribute a subscription alerts to be contained in the register.

About registration

Do I want to claim signed up?

Distribute a registration alerts if you are planning to supply credit or specialist peer-to-peer financial products expressed in the market cover operate.

The registration need doesn't put on

What are the preconditions for subscription?

The needs for enrollment in the lender and peer-to-peer mortgage broker register are as follows:

More info in the specifications for registration and suggestions needed to determine them will come in the enrollment notification form’s completion directions.

What changes do I need to report?

A company listed in the creditor and peer-to-peer loan broker registry must, itself initiative, tell the Regional State Administrative Agency of improvements towards the sticking with critical information:

You'll be able to notify the sign-up of modifications having a free-form alerts or using the notification-of-change type.

exactly How should I move forward if we decide to grant credit associated with property that is residential?

Tell people within your subscription alerts if you intend to offer consumer credit pertaining to investment property.

just How should I proceed if I want to receive client resources?

Advise people within your enrollment notice if you plan to get client funds in your activities. Affix an explanation of the way you store and process client resources for your enrollment alerts.

While using registration notification and connected reason, we will evaluate or perhaps a client is suitable to receive client funds.

the length of time could it decide to try to process the enrollment alerts?

We strive to process enrollment updates within fourteen days of bill.

The amount of does receiving signed up expense?

A processing is charged by us cost of EUR 425 when it comes down to control of this enrollment notice. If you are planning to get customer funds, the processing fee is EUR 720.

Shifting ideas inside the registry costs EUR 210. Modifying ideas pertaining to client resources within the registry costs EUR 420.

What are the results if we fail to sign-up?

Giving credit rating or brokering peer-to-peer loans without the presense of appropriate subscription is actually a crime. Offenders is ordered to be charged for a good or sentenced to as much as six months of jail time.

It to the Regional State Administrative Agency if you suspect that an unregistered company is offering consumer credit or brokering peer-to-peer loans, please report.

precisely What ideas do I must provide on a company staff member who is a overseas resident and is accountable for lender or debt brokerage activities?

In case you have posted a registration notification into the collector and peer-to-peer finance broker register, there is a commitment to produce the Regional county Administrative service with information to evaluate whether one meet with the circumstances of registration.

The trustworthiness and suitability of some foreign persons for receiving client funds must be assessed under the Act on the Registration of Certain Credit Providers and Credit Intermediaries. We need some ideas for this specific purpose. Corresponding details are additionally needed in some different instances, such as inside the full situation of Finnish citizens living away from home.

In the event that standing of a person that is foreign getting applied, please submit the below info on said person:

In the event the viability of your overseas individual to receive client funds should be evaluated, please submit listed here information about stated person:

Or no of these documents tend to be unavailable, we are going to measure the need for that paper on the basis that is case-by-case

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